Customer Profile

The leading global hospitality company, with more than 3,200 hotels and 525,000 rooms in 77 countries, with more than 135,000 team members worldwide. The company owns, manages or franchises some of the best known and highly regarded hotel brands.

Project Objectives

Redevelop an existing client-server based application to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application. The SOA design would provide better accessibility to local and remote users, provide availability for integration to outside sources, improved life-cycle maintenance and support, improve data latency and quality, and greatly improve scalability to new and existing applications.

Key Challenges

  • Integration to existing Major Hospitality Chain and IBM databases and applications.
  • Retention of existing data.
  • Supporting and enabling change within a dynamic business environment.
  • Creating a common vision for all business units.
  • Providing a standard method of integration with future Major Hospitality Chain vendors.

Solutions and Services

  • Hamilton-Ryker combines deep technology knowledge, an understanding of the value propositions, and implementation expertise, enabling them to provide realistic and helpful solutions.
  • Hamilton-Ryker offers the business know-how, extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and Service Oriented Architecture, and experience in harmonizing business needs for customers.


  • Increased revenue generation.
  • Removal of non-value-added and manual processes.
  • Provide accessibility to more than 6000 remote users.
  • Drastic improvement of data quality, security, and accountability.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a web-enabled application for remote users to have the ability to access valuable data sensitive to their jobs.
  • Provide a scalable web application to ensure flexibility and expansion.

Results of Delivery

At the beginning of the project, Major Hospitality Chain staffed 26 revenue-generating PSA’s to perform their duties. Upon the completion of the project and modifications during a 16-month period, Major Hospitality Chain has grown their staff to 112 revenue-generating PSA’s. To add, the new solution reduced the turn-around period from 42 days to 12 days to complete a PSA project. The significant turnaround allowed Major Hospitality Chain to facilitate IT equipment and infrastructure appliances per faster than ever. Since the completion of the new solution, Major Hospitality Chain has involved Hamilton-Ryker in the re-development of other applications to help improve efficiencies and data quality.

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